Todd Hartog was born and raised in Southern California a sales background no college experience started selling cars 19 years old then at 21 started my own advertising company sold it and Started my own merchant/ credit card company where we set up a merchant accounts and sold credit card machines. In 1994 open my first Tanning salon by the year 2005 my wife and I had eight locations with a hair and clothing store. In June 2007 me and my wife Angelique we are signed up for a company called Monavie and within 12 months we were making incredible life changing money. In 2008 we sold the tanning salons. For the last eight years we’ve been having fun traveling the world building teams from USA, South America, Mexico, Canada, UK, Europe to Asian and everywhere in between. In 2015 Jeunesse Global acquired Monavie and June 1, 2015 we started building Jeunesse The number one network marketing company in the world already launched in 122 countries and will do $1 Billion annually in 2015. Jeunesse has double every year since inception. 2018 could be a $2 Billion plus year.

Angelique and myself feel like we can help a lot people succeed in Jeunesse as we did in Monavie. The new goal is to help as many people as we can, to achieve our level of success or even higher. We hope to accomplish this over the next 3 to 5 years, We are going to change the way people feel about the direct selling industry.The industry has evolved to more online sales since the number of people online. We feel that we have a simple message that we can share with everybody. Direct selling is a Plan B, it’s part time money. it’s a retirement plan, it’s a way for you to scratch that entrepreneur itch, it’s the best way for anybody to win, and if you’ve ever dreamed about having more time freedom and money direct selling will give it to you.

The personal development side is what everyone loves about the business.
Becoming better. Learning from books and other people has made me a better man, better husband, better father, and overall a better me! is a site that will allow you to borrow our story and success with your prospect, you will stay informed and belong to a motivated team where everyone is successful. We will offer free training, motivation, and inspiration, and a monthly newsletter. We look forward to the next 3-5 years and reaching the $10 billion dollar a year goal with Jeunesse Global….