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Why Team Hartog?

toddimgBeing part of the Hartog team has distributors succeeding beyond there wildest dreams. Team Hartog has made a bold goal and commitment to help as many people as we can, acheiving our success or even higher over the next 3-5 years. Being part of a wonderful company is part one being part of a great team is part two. Angelique and I believe in certain principals and philosophies and will not waiver. We love to surround ourselves with like minded individuals. You have choices who you associate with in today’s world. Choose wisely. You will become the company you keep. Integrity is something we have built over a lifetime and will not throw it away. Angelique and I put our marriage at the top of our priority list. Raising our family in a healthy environment. We have our religious beliefs and honor others. We treat everyone with love and respect. We are not perfect yet strive to become better everyday. We want you to use our credibility and story to recruit your friends and family. We can teach you how to do this.

We attract people who want to become better. The personal development that we offer being part of Team Hartog is superior to anything in the industry. We use books that have had a impact on our life’s that will help you grow. We use a system that helps develop people and when you develop people, people will develop there business. Motivation, inspiration and education.

We believe how you do one thing is how you should do everything. Don’t be in a hurry. This is a commitment that takes time. You must be open to “change” and if you can surrender and swallow your pride, you can and will change into the person you were meant to be. Doesn’t matter where your at in this process you’ll become better being part of our teams. The best part is you can earn while you learn.

Angelique and I believe that we are all equal in this business. We have met with the top money earners in Monavie and Jeunesse. We have gathered information that will always be passed on to you. There are no secrets. We believe that you can succeed.. Our goal is to make sure you have the best understanding of this wonderful Direct Selling Industry and have everything you need to win!


Royal Black Diamond Achievement

We only ask that you make the mental, physical, and financial commitments that will help you become Royal Black Diamond Achievement

Too many times people don’t make a long enough commitment and put a short time limit on there success. Mentally you will need to be open to change. Also we see that people often fail simply because they financially don’t go all in. If you treat this like a business you will get business results, if you treat this like a on and off hobby you’ll get hobby results.

If you make a 2-5 year commitment and invest in the right business package, having a all in mentality, attending every event, branding yourself and having a never quit attitude, while being consistent on a weekly basis and submit to a system that’s proven to build a business that will last a lifetime, you’ll better your chances to succeed.

There are always going to be fast stories. They are possible but not probable. We have seen too many fast start businesses fall apart only having to rebuild and rebuild again. Why not build a solid secure brick by brick residual based business.

We believe that if you follow our system and methods that you will create a weekly check that will grow every week. You will have a team that has solid commissions.

There are 3 reasons people join. 1. To get healthy using all of the Jeunesse products. 2. The money free trips and promotions. 3. The personal development. Remember anything works, but will it last. Duplication is the key. You need a team that duplicates proper behavior keeping enrolling as the top priority. Team Hartog teaches that every week no matter what you will enroll a minimum of 1 new customer or business builder per week. Husband and wife teams enroll minimum of 2 every week. The biggest mistake distributors make is they stop. Stopping enrolling means that you have stopped 90% of the business. There is no over compensating this with reading extra books and buying extra shirts! We will teach you daily habits that not only grow your names list, but will make you successful at enrolling. If you learn how to keep enrolling and make it top priority you’ll become a Jeunesse millionaire and create them. The top distributors in our industry all say this. Never stop enrolling, and grow a big teams where everyone does a little bit of work (enroll minimum of 1 per week) not where the only the top 10 do all the enrolling. They also say to attend every meeting and event, bringing as many people from your team as you can. Lastly always be a student. You’ll always be learning.

We want to create teams in USA and internationally that have everyone making nice weekly consultant checks. We will always celebrate your success and have a special recognition page on our website to show your prospects. It’s not about how far you go as much is its how far your team goes. A rising tied raises all ships as long as your not anchored. Doubt, fear, quitting, not attending, not enrolling, and not having enough products are a example of some anchors that keep you from rising when everyone else around is. We use a daily focus worksheet to help you create daily disciplines to grow yourself and your business.

Dreaming is a big key in being a home based business owner. We suggest you dream and set your goals. Angelique and I knew exactly what we wanted when we enrolled into Monavie 8 years ago. We set our goals with our family. We created vision boards and had fun cutting out pictures and taping the vision board up so we can see it everyday. Our boys love traveling. We live no debt and nice things.
Setting long and short goals will keep you on track.

We are excited that you have made this decision to be part of the best company in direct selling Jeunesse and extremely excited your part of our team. We welcome you and look forward to adding you to the recognition page.

-Todd and Angelique