This has been the best experience of our lives.

We thank God every day that we were able to see the opportunity that was presented to us by our friends, Joe and Patrice Licciardi.

We have grown so much personally and have developed some long lasting friendships while enhancing our existing ones. The key is to understand that this business is never about you. It’s about serving the people that trust you.

Jeunesse allows us to spend more quality time with our kids. My wife is going to retire from her law practice, and I’m going to semi-retire from our other businesses. We are living our dream life now that we have more time and money. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Master your craft, and continually educate yourself on the product and industry. It boils down to four beliefs: believe in the product, believe in this awesome management team, believe in this industry, and—most important—believe in yourself.

Share this product from your heart, not your wallet.