MonaVie has been bringing you health and wellness products for over five years now. The name that you have grown to love and trust is still available, now through Jeunesse Distributors. The products themselves remain far superior to others on the market. If you are a MonaVie lover, like ourselves, rest assure that you can still find these amazing products here.

MonaVie Products

MonaVie Juice

The heart of MonaVie was the acai berry and their incredible juice. MonaVie has created five different blends of juice to help you look and feel your best. You are still able to purchase these amazing drinks now offered through Juenesse. Click through each bottle to see the amazing properties of each.

MonaVie EMV Energy Drinks

We all need a kick start from time to time. Why not choose an energy drink that is a health alternative! These energy drinks pack in a punch without all the harsh chemicals and additives that make your heart race and stomach turn! Click through each can to see the amazing properties of each.

MonaVie Core

The MonaVie CORE Program is your step by step guide to transforming your body using CORE products. Did you know that working out is only 25% of the battle to losing weight? MonaVie has created these amazing products to help kick start your body transformation without leaving you feeling hungry or deprived. Your workout plus this nutrition will equal a full body transformation!