Born and Raised in California, she received a Bachelors in Business Administration from The University of San Diego, and a Juris Doctorate from Western State Law School.

After practicing law for 10 years and building and developing a chain tanning salons with her husband, Todd Hartog, developed a chain of tanning salons, they had become successful and were more than financially secure. However, they had no time to enjoy their success, their boys, who were 3 and 5 at the time, or each other. Frankly she felt that there just wasn’t enough time to work a corporate job, and run the businesses, while raising a family!! Desperately wanting more time with their kids and with each other. They wanted to get back to some old fashioned parenting…where parents are present and their kids don’t have to be latch key kids!! That opened them to doing business another way…a “non-traditional,” “non-brick and mortar” way…. Were there any business opportunities out there that could help them do this?? There was…they traded it all for a direct selling company that sold a nutritious health product that they could get behind.

They ended up making more money then ever imagined in in network marketing .

So when a broker, out of they blue, called them with an offer they couldn’t refuse for the purchase of their chain of stores, they sold them, Angelique quit her law practice, and since then they have enjoyed a life by design through Network Marketing! Now they can’t imagine their lives without their home-based business….

Living Life by design.
More money
More family time
More freedom